This week the main carbs on the meal plan are Day 1, Day 3, Day 6 and Day 7. If you are eating carbs later in the day make sure it is after a workout when your body is going to use them correctly to help repair muscle. This week we are doing 3 workouts so do them on any of the carb days.

Make sure before every workout you do a warm up first and repeat the stretches after your workout.

For your all your workouts you will need a Tabata timer which can be download in the App Store.

Before you start your first workout please do the fitness test in the free trial as it’s going to be re-tested during in this programme.

This week you will need a skipping rope if you don’t have one or can’t skip just pretend without the rope. 🙂


1. Jog on the spot for 1 min.

2. Bum kicks for 1 min.

3. Star jumps for 1 min.

4. Side to side squats for 1 min.


1. Arm circles x5.

2. Side lunge stretch left and right x4.

3. Calf and arm stretch keep your heels down left and right.

4. Shoulder stretch left and right.


Set your timer to 30 seconds exercise and a 20 second rest period there are 5 exercises in this workout.

1. Forward lunges.

2. Star jumps.

3. Curtsy lunges.

4. Skipping.

5. Sit ups.


Repeat the cycle 4 times giving maximum effort. 



Set your timer to 30 seconds exercise and a 20 second rest period there are 5 exercises in this workout.

1. High knees.

2. Side jumps.

3. Jumping Squats.

4. Plank.

5. Mountain Climbers.

Repeat the cycle 4 times giving maximum effort.



You will need two cloths for the leg slide.

Set your timer to 30 seconds exercise and a 20 second rest period there are 4 exercises in this workout.

1. 10 x High knees & 1 x press up repeat.

2. 2 x Side lunges & 2 x tuck jumps.

3. Deadmans burpees.

4. Leg slide

Repeat the cycle 4 times giving maximum effort.



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