Welcome to the Fayesfitness 10 week meal plan, just click on the week and you will see your plan. Once you get into the habit of Clean Eating and know what to cook, you’ll generally find that your cravings for less healthy foods are reduced. However, even the cleanest eaters will want to celebrate a birthday with some cake!

Clean Eating is about averages, not the exceptions. Many people give themselves one meal each week when they get to break the rules a little bit. There is nothing wrong with this provided the rest of the week you’re eating properly. The benefits of the other six days of healthy eating will far outstrip one indulgent meal — especially if you are exercising regularly. A lot of people won’t even try Clean Eating because they get hung up on what they can’t have. Don’t. Focus on what you can eat, and give yourself one meal as a reward for your hard work. This will help you stay committed to Clean Eating as a style of eating for the long haul.

‘Tasty Food, Set Inside The Comfort Of Your Own Home’

Faye helped me to improve my diet by creating a meal plan which has made my meals throughout the day more nutritious whilst keeping them tasty and the combination of exercise and healthy eating is truly effective at dropping the pounds.


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