There Will Be Obstacles. There Will Be Mistakes.
But With Hard Work, Belief And Faith In Yourself,

There Are N
o Limits

“It’s an absolute pleasure training with Faye. She kicks my butt, makes it different each time, pushes me and we have a laugh along the way. Thank you so much for all your help thus far, the best decision I have made in ages.”

Laura Pearson

“I first met Faye in January 2017. I had my second child earlier in the October and knew I needed to do something to get myself back into shape. I started with the 6 week programme. Faye challenged me to lose 20lb, I thought she was mad…. 6 weeks later, I was 21lb lighter. This loss motivated me to continue seeing Faye on a weekly basis. Come rain, wind, snow… Faye came knocking! Now after almost 3 years, I’ve lost over 6 stone in weight and I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been. Faye wasn’t just a personal trainer for me. She motivated and steered me on a journey to be a happier, more confident better version of me. I cannot thank Faye enough.”

Leigh-Anne Clarke

“I have been training at Fayesfitness for over six months now and have continued to feel fitter and livelier each week. I’ve tried many different weight loss plans in the past but have had little success however Fayesfitness has changed all that by helping me find a healthier and more active lifestyle. Faye is full of energy and cheerful at every session which helps me feel motivated and the exercises are always varied making it great fun too. Faye helped me to improve my diet by creating a meal plan which has made my meals throughout the day more nutritious whilst keeping them tasty and the combination of exercise and healthy eating is truly effective at dropping the pounds. I would definitely recommend Faye as a Personal Trainer as I am feeling more confident each week and I always look forward to my fitness sessions.”

Heather Rackshaw
Art Designer

“I’ve trained with Faye on and off for years, Faye works out with me which is great fun especially when she finds something harder than me. I’ve lost a lot of weight and managed to keep it off which is the hardest part in my opinion. There’s always a new challenge and new ways in which to make things harder. Our sessions are motivational as we always bounce off each other.”

Jeff Newton

“I found myself stuck in a rut – piling on the pounds and unable to stick to a diet or keep myself motivated to try a gym or stick at a gym – this all changed when I met Faye – from my first session she went through my eating habits and guided me with a list of specific foods and meal ideas advising what I could eat a lot of and what would be classed as a treat / limited intake – she also made it very clear what foods were not allowed and explained why. Each session was varied which I enjoyed as the gym can be so repetitive and my results were fast – I was honest with Faye when I had fallen off the wagon which as the weeks went past happened less and less – when I did fall off the wagon Faye was fantastic – supportive but also firm and provided me with a new target to reach the following week. I felt my weight loss and weight ambitions were just as important to Faye as they were to me – I found it supportive when she text me during the week to see how I was getting on – especially when I had fallen off the wagon the week before.”

Louise Weidner

“Faye’s 6 weeks intensive kick start program changed me completely. She took me from zero to fitness, changed my mindset and approach to exercise and nutrition. I have lost over a stone in just six week and I now feel the best I have ever felt. Faye is inspiring, she keeps the exercise routine varied, fun and challenging, no two days are the same and her studio has a fantastic selection of equipment. I massively enjoyed working with her, she motivated me immensely and truly transformed me. I can’t thank her and recommend her enough!”

Silvia Lucchi

“If you are looking for motivation look no further. Faye is always up beat and ready with encouragement. She makes training almost a pleasure! Nutritional and diet advice is also very helpful, I’ve lost over 15lbs and I never believed I could do it after struggling for years. If you want results see Faye!”

Jean Semon

“I first started with Faye in 2017. I was very overweight and very unfit, but now thanks to Faye’s help and guidance i have lost over and stone and am feeling great. Faye is a fantastic trainer and I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer, you will not be disapointed, she really is amazing.”

Gillian Richard

“Thanks to Faye’s meal plans and training schedule I’ve achieved a much more muscular and toned physique. I feel great! And consider myself to be a much healthier person all round. Faye’s meal plans are so easy to follow, using only fresh clean ingredients, but unlike “diets” tastes great and helps develop muscle and shed fat. Her Hiit workouts keep training varied, fun and interesting. The periodic fitness tests demonstrate how much you’re improving and ensure a motivated approach to continual training and healthy eating.”

Matthew James

“Faye has give me such support, l’ve had many personal trainers and I always gave up but not with Faye she is so motivating can’t praise her enough.”

Suzi Kidson

“I trained with Faye for over a year and before I started I never exercised and had really struggled to lose any weight. With Faye’s guidance on nutrition and her motivational skills with exercise I began to see the weight fall off. I even ran in a 5k race with Faye there by my side and won my first ever medal. I now play netball and lead a much healthier lifestyle thanks to Faye.”

Louise Grant

“Faye is a fantastic vibrant and bubbly person who helped me extensively when I was looking to plan a fitness regime. I found her to be helpful & attentive really listening to what I wanted to achieve and helping me focus on those goals. In 6 weeks I have lost almost a stone! I feel so much more energetic and I’m sleeping so much better. I would whole heartedly recommend Faye as a Personal Trainer of choice!”

Roger Semon
CEO Follow That Dream Records