Over 18 years of industry expertise as a professional athlete and personal trainer

Faye is a Buckinghamshire-based personal trainer, her clients range from professional athletes to everyday people wishing to enhance their fitness levels, or to lose weight. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced athlete Faye has the experience and knowledge to ensure that workouts are fun, varied and challenging. Using a range of techniques Faye will guide and encourage you to meet your goals and exceed your expectations.


Faye’s expertise is vast and she incorporates a multi-disciplined approach to training sessions keeping them client-focused and engaging. Hiit training, core strength, kettle bells, plyometrics and boxing are among the varied techniques she employs. Herself an accomplished marathon runner and triathlete as well as a Grand Prix Show Jumper, Faye understands what it takes to set your sights high and to achieve your goals: whatever they may be. With over 18 years in the fitness industry, Faye’s dynamic approach, boundless energy and humour only add to the effectiveness of the experience her clients enjoy. With a client list as diverse as her training methods, Faye emphasises lifestyle and dietary methodologies which, when incorporated into daily life, enhance the results of a personal training programme.


Faye is certified by the International Institute of Sports Therapy. She has a Diploma in Personal Training. She is a certified Fitness Trainer, certified Optimum Sports Nutritionalist, certified Sports Massage Therapist, certified Body Masseuse, advanced Instructor Level 3, certified Kettle Bell Instructor, certified Dance to Music Instructor and a member of the NRPT (national register of fitness professionals).