Ideally, when two teams compete, both will be at their best and they will put on a show for themselves and their fans. However, players can be filled with anxiety before and during their performance. A hitter might be overwhelmed when facing a hard-throwing pitcher or a hockey player might be intimidated by a hard-hitting defenseman. Athletes have to learn howto overcome their nerves to perform their best.

Step 1
Believe that you are going to be successful. Think of all your past victories and take those thoughts with you into the competition. If you have been successful in the past, chances are you can be successful in the present.

Step 2
Concentrate your responsibilities. Think of the fundamentals of your sport and how you are going to execute them. You have been playing and practicing your sport for years, so you are familiar with what you are going to do. Feel empowered by your opportunity.

Step 3
Assume the best is about to happen. As the game or the match is about to begin, realize that this is your time and your moment. This is your moment to have fun. It’s your moment to succeed. You have nothing to think about besides success.

Step 4
Take slow deep breaths. When you are in competition, you want to eliminate anxiety by breathing slowly and deeply. Fast, shallow breaths won’t allow you to calm down and perform at your best. Breathing slowly will help you concentrate and keep your mind on what you have to do to be successful.

Step 5
Picture your opponent in a helpless situation. Your opponent might be a solid athlete who is quite accomplished, but he does not always succeed. Think of your opponent as a child who is getting scolded by a teacher. Instead of being in a position of intimidation, he is overwhelmed by his circumstances. Picturing your opponent in such situations might help you dominate him.

Step 6
Take a quiet moment before your match or game to reflect quietly and meditate. Think of peaceful moments that have allowed you to relax. Bring those moments to the forefront of your mind and concentrate on them until all your feelings of insecurity and doubt have disappeared. Don’t think about the event that you are about to participate in. Just close your eyes and think of the moments that have brought you the most peace.

Step 7
Consider hypnosis to help you overcome anxiety prior to competing. If you find that you are constantly feeling nervous about upcoming competition, consult a hypnotist who can offer suggestions that will help you peak prior to a sporting event. This may be a move to consider when your other attempts have failed.